Physics Lab Kit

    Physics Lab Kit
    Physics Lab Kit
    Product Description

    Physics Lab Kit

    Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Physics Lab Kit

    Technical Description
    Our physics lab kits are a combination of modern technology appropriate for higher science educational purposes. These kits are made using quality tested electronic components in adherence with international quality standards. The physics lab kits have been widely appreciated for precise measurements, reliability and durability.

    Our range of physics lab kits includes:
    Kerr Effect Experiment Kit
    Newton's Ring Experiment Kit
    Fresnel Bi prism Experiment Kit
    Spectroscopy Experiment Kit
    Michelson Interferometer
    Electronic Plug-In Kit
    Advanced Polarimeter Experiment Kit
    Milikan Oil Drop Experiment
    Measurement of Basic constants length, weight ,time
    Modulus of Elasticity Hooks Law
    Mathematical Pendulum
    Moments of Inertia of different Bodies/Strainers Theorem
    Measuring the Velocity of Light
    Law of Lenses and optical Instruments
    Newton Ring
    Michelson Interferometer
    Photometric Law of Distance
    Lamberts Law
    Thermal Expansion in Solid and Liquids Heat Capacity of Gases
    Joule Thomson effect of Metals
    Heat capacity of Metals
    Solar Ray Collector
    Electricity measurement of Low Resistance
    Wheatstone Bridge
    Internal Resistance and Matching in Voltage Source
    Faraday Law
    Electrical Field and Potentials in the plate capacitor
    Charging Curve of a Capacitor
    Dielectric constant of different Material
    Earths Magnetic Field
    Magnetic Field of Signal Coils / Biot- Savart Law
    Moment of inertia and angular acceleration
    Mechanical conservation of energy/ Maxwell wheel
    Reversible Pendulum
    Torsional vibrations and torsion modulus
    Moment of Inertia and Tensional Vibrations
    Density of Liquids
    Dispersion and Resolving power of the prism and grating spectroscope.
    Inter Fresnel of light
    Zone Construction /Zone Plate Modus Law
    Faraday effect
    Mechanical of heat equipment
    Measurement of small resistance
    Internal resistance and matching in voltage source
    Semiconductor thermo generator
    Faraday Law
    Capacitance of metal spheres and of a spherical capacitor
    Magnetic field of single coils/ Biot-Savart Law Magnetic field out sides & Straight conductor
    Earth Magnetic field
    RLC Measuring Bridge
    Resistance, phase shift and power in Ac Circuits
    Fine Structure, One Electron and Two electron spectra
    Rectifier Circuits.

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